Jun 5, 2009

Okay...maybe we're back

Where did we go? Why did we stop posting? Are we still alive?...But what if I need information on how to cook ______?

Brandy and I talked about if we wanted to keep this thing going or not for a while. Actually most of the work and talk was because I stopped working on posts. In short form of the story I was getting a lot of flak for some of the posts that I'd put up. While discourse is nice to what one writes, I don't expect that what my brain might happen to make my fingers type in should be treated as doctrine. We had critics that treated it as such....and this is just for fun...just for us...so I stopped posting. Why bother with it if it's not fun?

Well, we're back...hopefully. Keep an eye out for completely random topics, like the one that I want to do on pig's head bacon (do you really know or care how bacon is made?).